Catoctin Creamery

Handcrafted Artisan Cheese Made With Love

We are a small family owned farm located in Leesburg Virginia. We believe that ensuring small farms are present in our local communities and able to sell locally raised farm products to the community is crucial. We have alpine dairy goats from which we sell goat cheese, conduct cheese making classes and sell goats, as available. We also have chickens  and a small garden where we grow the herbs and berries for our cheese.


About Us

It may surprise many to know that not that long ago Loudoun County, Virginia was a large dairy producing region. In 1950 there was 405 dairy farms in Loudoun County, shipping dairy from Loudoun County into the Washington D.C. area along the Washington & Old Dominion Railway (W&OD). In the recent past this dairy industry has all but disappeared in the county, with the number of dairies in the county going from 405 in 1950 to 76 in 1978 and to only one in 2006. We are hoping to do our small part in bringing dairies back to Loudoun County and starting to ensure that you have the ability to purchase locally made dairy products, not dairy shipped in from out of state.

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